OEM Toshiba Satellite P205 Laptop Keyboard, US Version, Brand New! Working in good Condition! Full Six Months Replace Warranty.
Toshiba Satellite P205 Laptop Keyboard from 2deals.net
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Toshiba Satellite P205 Laptop Keyboard
Toshiba Satellite P205 Keyboard

Item Number: K-TSB-20-O
Color: Black
Version: US Layout
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 6 Months
Content: Ribbon Cable Comes With Keyboard
New High Quality Keyboard
100% Manufacturer Compatible
Equivalent Replacement Part

Product Rate: five Stars
Shop Price: $ 28.88

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Compatible Part Numbers:
Toshiba NSK-TBA01 Toshiba 6037B0026902 Toshiba 9J3N9282.A01 Toshiba MP-06873US-930 Toshiba V000140500 Toshiba AEBD3U00050 Toshiba 9J.N9282.W01 Toshiba AEBD3U00150-US Toshiba MP-06873US-9204 Toshiba A000039270 Toshiba 9J.N9282.801 Toshiba NSK-TB801 Toshiba 4H.N9201.061
Product Description:
This is English Version Laptop Keyboard for The Toshiba Satellite P205 Laptop, Please ensure the Toshiba Satellite P205 Keyboard that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your Keyboard.

1. Make sure you are wearing and ESD anti-static strap, or are in an anti-static environment before working on the inner parts of any electronic device.
There may be some electronics surrounding the upper keyboard screws (if it has any). Carefully lift it out if you can, but you may have to do this after you remove the screws that hold in the keyboard itself. Don't forget to replace them before you replace the keyboard.
It takes the right amount of pressure de-attach plastic parts from a laptop. Make sure you aren't warping the plastic when pulling up on anything, and make sure you have removed everything connected to it beforehand.
4. It's very difficult to work on laptops, and any damage done internally my void your warranty. Work on laptops with discretion, and if you have any reservations, consult a professional.

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