HP 493001-001 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan, Remove and Replacement Your Old CPU Fan! Working in good Condition! Full Six Months Warranty.
HP 493001-001 Fan from www.2deals.net
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HP 493001-001 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan
HP 493001-001 Cooling Fan

Input Voltage: DC 5V    
Product Type: Replacement
Condition: Brand New
Inventory: In Stock

Product Rate: five Stars
Shop Price: $ 14.54

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Compatible Part Numbers:
HP B3391.13.V1.F.GN HP GC057015VH-A HP DFS531205HC0T HP F9C5 HP F787 HP 486799-001 HP 493001-001
Product Description:
This Laptop CPU Cooling Fan for HP 493001-001. We have carefully tested this pre-owned item; it is in great condition and guaranteed to work 100%. We test every item we sell twice; first when it enters our inventory and second before we sent it to you.

Please ensure the HP 493001-001 CPU Cooling Fan that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.
We will Ship Your order to your Bill address within 24 Hours. Usually the shipping will take 5-11 days.
Why chose a HP 493001-001 Fan? - HP 493001-001 CPU Fan can help protect your laptop from overheating. Chances are that your laptop already has one or more installed. However, there are many other cooling options that you can use to increase your comfort and to protect your laptop.

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